Sunday, 19 October 2008

Raining Fish - Monday 20th October 2008

Heavy rains throughout El Salvador led to the whole First Division program being suspended this weekend. The Amilcar Moreno in San Francisco Gotera was one of the most affected stadiums.

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CONCACAF World Cup Quals - Stage 3 - Round 5 (points in brackets, "Q" donates Qualified countries)

Group 1:-
Trinidad & Tobago 2 - 1 USA
Cuba 2 - 1 Guatemala
Final games:-
Trinidad & Tobago (8) v Cuba (3)
USA (Q) v Guatemala (5)

Group 2:-
Canada 2 - 2 Mexico
Jamaica 1 - 0 Honduras
Final games:-
Honduras (9) v Mexico (10)
Jamaica (7) v Canada (2)

Group 3:-
Costa Rica 2 - 0 Haiti
El Salvador 3 - 0 Suriname
Final games:-
El Salvador (Q) v Costa Rica (Q)
Suriname (1) v Haiti (2)

CONMEBOL World Cup Quals - Round 10
Bolivia 2 - 2 Uruguay
Paraguay 1 - 0 Peru
Chile 1 - 0 Argentina
Venezuela 3 - 1 Ecuador
Brazil 0 - 0 Colombia anthem

Music Quiz
Which famous British footballer is singing at the end of this week (and last week's) podcast? Please post your answer below!

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4) Enjoy a unique look at all 10 first division football grounds in El Salvador, plus a couple of extra ones.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding reference to The Fish City Five (and selection of their music as well).

Thank you very much for conveying exactly how bad Mexico's result against Canada was.

P.D. Your prediction for Cruz Azul against the Yank team worked a treat.

P.D.D. The song at the end of the podcast was "Love in Portofino" by Welsh legend John Charles.

DT said...

"Fish City Five" ... tee hee.... great work, what long memories we have!

Thats FANTASTIC, yes indeed Britian's greatest sporting export giving it large .... The Gentle Giant - what a man, what a player!

Unfortunately (owing to technical problems, I think), this comment was too late for a mention on the latesr podcast, but you will get it next week, for sure.

Thanks, and well done.