Saturday, 29 November 2008

Sat 29th Nov - I Know It's Over

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Round 17:-

Alianza 1 - 1 Águila

Table:- bold teams qualified italic teams could qualify

1st Águila 34 pts (qualified)
2nd Metapán 28 pts (qualified)
3rd FAS 27 pts
4th Chalatenango 25 pts
5th Vista Hermosa 24 pts
6th Atlético Balboa 20 pts
7th Luis Angel Firpo 19 pts
== Juventud Independiente 19 pts
9th Alianza 17 pts
10th Nejapa 11 pts

Final Round:.-

Águila v Chalatenago
FAS v Alianza
Balboa v Vista Hermosa
Juve v Metapán
Nejapa v Firpo

Second Division Quarter-Finals 1st Leg

ADI v Santa Tecla Intipu
Atlético Marte v Marte Soyapango Custcatlan
Vendaval v Municipal Limeño Apopa
AFI v Títan Ilobasco

CONCACAF Champions League:-
Houston Dynamo (USA) 1 - 0 Luis Angel Firpo (SLV) How do they get away with those pitch markings in an International Competition?

Quarter Final Clubs:-
Pumas (MEX)
Atlante (MEX)
Santos (MEX)
Cruz Azul (MEX)
Marathon (HON)
Islanders (PUR)
Impact (CAN)
Dynamo (USA)
draw for quarter-finals will be on 10th December 2008 - Next seasons Champions League will see the Pre-Lim First Legs on 28th July 2009

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Anonymous said...

Anti-futbol from Yank players? You don't say...

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your comments regarding Roy Keane's resignation.